With a Big Heart....

But i am also how should i  say it, i mean have to discreet, maybe someone i know recognizes my physique my picture is the real me... 

Well it's time be a little crazy.... even though you never know who i know is also here... like i said,  i did fool around... oh hell anyway....

I am very very thick that is what is most unsual besides my length of  8 inches. No I am not black or african american!
mancaringlove mancaringlove
26-30, M
5 Responses May 23, 2007

I am the same way, I have a big **** and a big heart. My girlfriend tells me that I'm too sensitive and find it to easy to love those you don't even know entirely

Im 9 x8 cut and glad about it fella! haha

As long as your gentle I'm sure most women would have you penetrate them.

ROFL, Smlgirl! I'll take him from the torso, up! The other half sounds... well... OWIE!

a few have seen it, they said it would be job in it self, but they would sacrifice to take me in. How beautiful is the older woman!