I Am Vlowery1105

I changed my name not to confuse anyone but because it was time to go back to my maiden name..I will soon be moving on with a wonderful man and wanted to not carry my Married name with me..
I am sorry if I threw you off as it was not my intent...
My name may be changed but I love ya just the same....

Hugs and kisses

vickieprince vickieprince
56-60, F
9 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Good for you girl. I don't blame you. My late wife couldn't wait for us to get married to get rid of her former married name.

I am a widower who accidently found this place Vickie... I read a few of your comments herein.. and I just want to say that I hope your new guy gives you much trust and joy and everlasting positive experiences... You sound like a special person..

We're not friends either, but I'd like to wish you my very best to you and yours! Maybe you could add me sometime! Paul.

all the best, i like your true submission..

You already have my wishes and sentiments. :)

Very happy for you and hope it will work out as great as you expect it to. Still think you are the greatest.

Good for you,love and hugs. Princess Vickie for me.

Or the Vickie formerly known as Prince. LOL.

Well this is really going to stress me out.

lol...No it ain't

If you had just called yourself Vickie1105 we wouldn't be in this mess now would we. ;)

lol...I'm still just V