Truth Behind Being A Violent Person

i am a very violent person and this thing of violence came in me from few years i tried to figure it out why its because the pain inside becomes so much that its intolerable we try to tell others to people we might think friends, loved ones, or family etc., but inside pain is so much and we cann't understand and control it and others don't understand our situation or problem they think its minor phase or not much pain in their eyes, or our pain is nothing compared to others etc., increasing our heart tears making us feel bad, useless, dustbin kind of our life or a person with no life or a living dead the depression exceeds the limit, the pain becomes so high that no one understand not even we and even slightest thing make us mad about things and we scold others for our problem,tell others they are reason for our situation,blame them for everything or ourselves, cry in heart or when no one around but in front of others like we are happy or okay; try to forget self in any kind of addiction ; feel like no one loves us, the world is bad we try to overcome it by positive or good thoughts and try to calm us down but when situation comes we just cross our limit and when our violent anger comes down we feel guilty , sorry and hate us for not able to control self , most of us people talk less as we try to control our mouth and aggressive  nature but many time no use.........we can only be understood by those people who are in our situation.........we want a lot of love a thing we can love the most and forget or overcome our pain hidden inside ....
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hugz thots to u ..

I love violent guys and want a guy to be violent to me.

if your that violent,,, could you fist fight anyone, i mean anyone whatever gender, because you sound like the type of female i want a good punch up with, with loads of blood,bruise's black eyes

<p>i'm with you on this i can get prity angry when i want to be, and wont stop to there's blood</p>

same here, so true we cann't trust anyone i cann't even trust my parents

The pain and hurt held inside, to me are like a gaping wound,and I believe anger and violence is a form or way of protecting ones self from any further injury to the psyche.Digging deep to discover the cause of the hurt and pain may open the door to releasing the pressure that becomes overwhelming.<br />
Once we suffer hurt to that degree it becomes difficult to trust and love.<br />
When we feel the rage surfacing it is a good release to punch a pillow and not stop until the rage subsides, it is also good to put a sound to the release. My thoughts are with you