When Will The Anger Stop?

I was such a happy child, than at the age of 11 I was molested by my brothers friend. I told my mum but she Didnt do anything so it continued, I feel let down and so angry about it all, but I'm taking my anger out on my fiancé and it gets rather violent! I punch kick bite pull his hair, I've left him with black eyes and bruises and I HAVE HAD IT!! I hate that I hurt him, but it's like something snaps inside me and I'm not my self for a few minutes!! what do I do??
jazzycherrie jazzycherrie
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

That's a tough situation to be in. I got told that when the anger starts rising which is born from frustration then drinking a glass of water can help because the stomach starts increasing acid production or some sort of chemical reaction and water dilutes it. If you can change your thought pattern and start realising we don't hurt those we care for in fact we must protect them from emotional as well as physical pain and only enemies hurt each other. Every one is suffering in one way or another and why would we want to increase another persons suffering, we should be shedding tears instead of anger really. Take care and I hope you get things sorted out.

hmm .. im goin to try n make myself consciously sip nearby kept water when such thota n situations arive . ima put a note on my phone now even ..