Inky Encounters...

I have posted two experiences thus far of my encounters with a demon. However now, it has been a couple months since my last encounter with what I know to be an Incubus. This thing visits me from time to time particularly when I think of him, I believe he is drawn to me. Over the past 2 years we have met in the dream world. I am particularly fond of dreams, especially lucid dreaming in which the sleeper realizes they are in a dream and then has the ability to control the dream. However in most instances in which I have seen the creature he has more power of control than me. As I said it's been awhile since my last encounter.... as you know it was particularly intense. I had a hunch that it would only be a matter of time before he would visit me again. On this particular night I was right, he came to see me again....

After a couple hours of candlelight and replacing music I decided to get up and turn everything off. I placed my Lepidolite crystal sphere under my pillow (known to aid dream work) and sank into the sheets of my bed. I decided to sleep naked tonight allowing myself to fully relax. It was about 5 minutes before I fell deeply asleep. I was walking on a ship, a spaceship to be exact. I was searching for some specific control room to help with a malfunction the crew was experiencing. I knew when my hand was practically burnt off in a fire that erupted from the console that this was just too bad to be real. I realized it was a dream and I willed the scene away. This time I decided to take a walk in a favorite forest of mine. It was a very calm peaceful place, but it was somewhat eerie. Sometimes I liked to pretend I was little red riding hood and get devoured by a werewolf and when I say he ate me, well you can imagine where. Tonight however, I wanted to just enjoy the scenery. I was dressed in a red plaid tube top and a matching mini skirt. While I wanted to enjoy the scenery I wanted to enjoy something else later on. I hiked through the forest in flip flops and laughed when a deer stopped in its tracks and watched me intently. Even the deer wanted me! ;)

I wanted to explore and as I did I came upon a cave. I decided to be a bit more adventurous than usual. Pausing for a moment I turn around, knowing I heard something in the woods behind me. I decide to let it go and continue inside the cave. It is dark in here but exciting, I want to know what is in here. After a few minutes and a couple torches in my hand later, I see a stream leading further into the cave. I decide to swim a bit. I think it will feel good as it has gotten remarkably warm in the cave. I ***** off my clothes with a snap of my fingers and bathe in the cool water. It is so peaceful with the flicker of my torches against the cave walls and there are fish in the water that occasionally nibble at my toes. I giggle and swim. It feels great in here. Through my excitement of skinny-dipping It has been some time and I look to the somewhat dim torches and decide I could use a few more, it's getting a bit too eerie. A part of me feels like changing the dream but the other part of me is looking for some excitement. I swim downstream and decide to light up the river instead of dealing with torches. In the soft glow of the stream I see a shadow against the wall. I stop swimming but before I can change the dream something grabs a hold of my foot under the water. I struggle and desperately kick. A hand with a firm grip has grabbed hold of my hair and spun me around.

I gasp as I come face to face with my incubus. He stares into my eyes and I shiver, suddenly cold. He moves one hand around my neck and the other resting on my hip. The cool water surrounds us and I feel as if the current has changed, pressing our slick, naked bodies together. I feel the familiar yet strange metal jewelry he places on me during our encounters embed itself into my skin around my waist and hips. I think this jewelry helps him keep more control of the dream. I try futile attempts to wake myself. He knows and grips my neck harder. I can feel my heart racing, my blood pumping, my body aching for his touch. He leans in and kisses me, soft lips that glide over mine and his warm tongue finds its way inside my trembling mouth.

I want to give in to him but I know I shouldn't. He is becoming too frequent a visitor in my dreams. I'm scared and I turn my face, removing his lips from mine. He lets go of my neck and I back away. The current is getting stronger and although I try to back away it's pushing me forward. I scream as I topple over into the water and get drug under. I panic now I can't breathe, I need to wake. I kick and scream under the water. I feel it burning my lungs, filling me, and then I'm on sand. I shake as I choke, coughing up water. I hear his steps as he approaches me. "Please." I beg him in a hoarse voice, but I know it won't stop. He pulls me to my feet using my hair as leverage. I scream and kick at him using my nails, yes good idea, I grow my nails super long and use them as claws. I claw the **** out of his face and still he regenerates his skin as I peal it off in shreds. He finally has enough and slams me hard on my back on the damp sand. I gasp for breath and he is on top of me. He stares into my wild, frantic eyes. He has a coldness about him today that I wouldn't say is unusual just not as frequent. "Why are you doing this?" I ask him. He sighs and then brushes my cheek with the tip of one of his sharp nails. "Must it always be a struggle?" He answers my question with a question and I regretfully answer, "Because I don't even know what you are." I glare at him through wet lashes and the more I stare hatefully the more I feel his hardness pressing against my smooth mound. He licks my neck and I turn my head in disgust. "But you do know. And you like it." I feel his muscles tensing as he holds my arms down and slides between my legs. His **** is poised at my entrance and although my heart races wildly and I feel the sweet satisfaction of my nipples rubbing against his dark red chest I don't know how I really feel. I want him inside me all over again as he has been so many times and yet I'm afraid. I'm afraid to lose myself in this euphoria of pleasure. He grazes my neck with his teeth and I shudder. I feel the head of his **** rubbing against my folds. He's not being quick tonight he's taking his time. He's wanting me to ache for it, beg for it, to plead for pleasure. I shake my head as if to clear my thoughts and will myself to wake up. It doesn't work and he slaps me hard across my face. My hands immediately go to his chest, as if I could keep him from thrusting into me. But with the burning sensation across my face and the head of his **** sweeping across my **** I want it. I feel wetness lubricating his **** and I moan closing my eyes. He nips at me with his teeth and it hurts but the pleasure is too much. I feel his **** inching itself inside me and I want him to **** me harder. I want him to shove it all up inside me. Just as I find myself begging for it I stop myself. I will not be the submissive little **** he wants me to be and yet as he fills me full I can't stop I beg and moan for more. He gives it to me.

I wrap my legs around his heated body as he thrusts his **** inside me. I cry out as he slaps me across the face again and tells me to beg for it in my ***. I gulp and stare into his golden eyes. He slaps me again, harder and chokes me by wrapping his fingers tight around my fragile neck. I cough as I try to speak and he pounds me roughly. I try to breathe and finally he lets me beg for it. I tell him I want his big **** up my *** and that I want him to fill me with his *** over and over. He smiles and it fills me with satisfaction. He turns me over and my bare sweaty breasts hit the rough sand. He lifts my *** up in the air and I feel his tongue probing my *******. I cry out and squirm but he holds me in place. I want it I tell him, I want his thickness to stretch me open.

I know he's ready as his hard **** rubs my *******, he can't wait to **** it. I feel his impossibly large head rubbing against my *******, teasing me a little with a dip inside. And then while I'm on my hands and knees waiting for his **** he surprises me. He wraps his hand around to my **** and rubs me gently while he inches his **** slowly into my ***. I gasp and coo at his thick invader stretching me open. It feels so good being pumped full of his ****. His rough fingers toy with my **** and my *****, it's so wet it leaks onto his fingers. He grabs my hips suddenly and thrusts all the way inside me. I squeal as I feel his **** pushing apart my sensitive flesh. I grow weak and he forces me onto the sand. I lay on my belly with his **** all the way up my ***. He begins to **** it deeply but still slow, which is unusual for him. I enjoy all the sensations of his **** moving inside me. I tell him, "Yes." as it is the only thing I can say. I am reveling in the pleasure of his **** so deep in me. He is the most skilled lover, he is pleasuring me in ways I never thought possible. I feel his body grow more tense and he tells me to keep my legs together. He grabs my *** cheeks as I comply and pushes them together, no doubt enjoying the magnificent view of my round bubble butt bulging in his gripping fingers. I feel him thrust harder and then he pulls out all the way. I shake and moan in response to his sudden withdraw but he spanks me hard till I get back into position my legs tight together and my *** pushed out. I feel his **** rubbing all over the globes of my *** and I hear him grunting.

I know he is starting to drain me of my energy and I tell him not yet. To my surprise he stops for a moment and works his **** back inside my *******. He spreads my cheeks apart as he ***** it deep. I cry out as my pleasure becomes painful and then I feel it. His *** spills inside me. I can't breathe, no I can breathe but I'm so caught up in the sensation I forget to breathe. He works his **** deeper and deeper as he explodes, *** filling me up full. I whimper as he thrusts. I want more, bring me to the edge I beg inside my head. His nails dig deeper into my flesh drawing blood as he pounds me with his slick ****. It easily slides in and out my *** now with all his lubricant he has spilled inside me. He pulls his **** out and I feel his *** dripping out of my gaping ***. I try to turn over but he stills me with his hand. We are transported. He takes me to a favorite bed of his, I'm assuming it's a favorite as we have ****** many times on it. It is a nice four poster, mahogany bed that is reminiscent of older time periods. There are black silk sheets upon my breasts. I turn over and he allows me this time. He stares into my eyes as he finds his way on top of me. I spread my legs for him and he works his tail into my ***. I feel his **** pressing against my wet *****. I want it I tell him, I want his *** inside me. He obliges my request and pumps his **** into my ***** while his long red tail ***** my *** filled *******. I moan, no scream at the pleasure. He is literally rocking my world as he double penetrates me. I love the feel of his thick tail in my *** gushing *** and his **** I swear gets bigger and bigger as he thrusts into my ****. If time could stop it did. He came inside my *****, and a load would be an understatement. I take it, milking his **** and arch my back for him. My legs are wrapped tightly around him as I convulse. I *** with him in that moment, he spews *** inside me, there is so much of it. I feel the hot rush inside and it turns me on like nothing anything I have ever experienced. I want it I scream at him. And he gives it to me again slamming his body against mine. He pauses as he places a hand on my cheek and I look into his eyes. "I need." Is all he says and I nod and let him. He glows as I feel weak. He pulls out of my ***** and shoves his **** inside my *** for a few pumps. He pulls out and pulls me to my knees. I'm wobbly and unsteady but he holds the back of my head.

I begin to suck his **** as he drains the energy from me, my life force. I gag as he ***** my face harder and harder. I take it, I want it, another load. He shakes and shudders and screams words I have heard but can't understand and then I feel his hot liquid hitting the back of my throat. I gulp it down, I have no choice. He grips my head hard and I'm gagging and choking on his ****. He sighs after he's filled me and lets go. My hands rest on my thighs as I look up at him. He is glowing and I feel like I'm floating. He leans down cupping my face, he kisses me softly. He tells me he will see me again, soon.....princess.

I wake... unsteady with my heart racing. It was intense, it was.. different? I start to replay the events in my head... and then as always, I wait..
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I'm not sure if I had an encounter, but it began about a year ago when I decided to pray to the gods of olumpus. And I trully felt at peace with everything and everyone. one night I went to bed I was so exhausted and that night I was feeling quite emotinal and sort of sad. I was dreaming of a town that was crowded with people that were turning on me. And I was really frightned and suddenly this guy comes out of nowere and grabs my hand and makes me run with him into an alley. However looking at him I felt like I'd nown him all my life. And I asked him why did he feel the need to protect me from the crowd and he said because he made a vow to protect me a long time ago. And with that he said he needed to go and I made him promise to come back. And as he walked away I felt my self suddenly wake up. But as I woke up I was lying on my side in my bed I felt something holding me. And as I looked down I seen these huge claws and blue arms round my waist. I immediatly tried to turn around and couldn't move. I felt shakey at first and then I tried to scream but as I did I felt someone say in my ear " I'm never going to hurt you, I'm always going to protect you, ssshh ssshhh just go back a sleep, I'm always goanna be here Shhhhh. Suddenly my whole body relexed and I've never felt so safe and warm in my whole life. I must have feel asleep and as I woke the next morning I felt like something was missing in my life and I wish whatever it was would return to me. I know I sound crazy but I've never felt soo protected and safe before. It never retured in my dreams or when I was awake. I really want whatever it was to come back, any suggestions?

This is a bit too much like erotic literature for me to find undoubtedly a true encounter. It was an entertaining read however! I am a member of an online community that would love this kind of story it is after all based on such stories. Message me for the address,

I lucid dreamed a lot in my twenties but never ran into anything I couldn't control. interesting.

Ivory, this was so hot, so intense that I "found" myself and took it to the limit! Must be my inner Incubus wanting some activity like yours!