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I have been working on my BA in elementary education. Last year I noticed that I was bumping into things often. I took a trip to my eye doctor and learned that I have lost almost 80 percent of my periperial vision in my right eye and about twenty percent in my left eye. They do not know why just yet. I have been to many testings and still no answers. I am afraid one day I will fall because when I am in new places it is difficult to tell where the ground is. The vision I have left in my right eye is almost like a tunnel so things on the sides, top and bottom of my visual fields I can not see. It is very discouraging at times. I sometimes have to feel along the walls of unfamiliar places because if I do not I bump into things. It takes me longer to put my things back into my purse  when I am checking out at a store. I wonder at times will I go completely blind. I wonder will my doctors figure out what is wrong with me. They are telling me that they do not think it is medical. One specailst said he thought I was faking. How on earth can I fake several visual field test? Goodness.
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exjake, They tell me they think it is stress related.

Sounds like you have Rertinitis Pigmentosa. I don't understand how anyone could say you are faking. They should have their medical license taken away for being inept and un professional. It is astonding how many stupid doctors are checking our eyes and not knowing what they are seeing.

Hi Gentle Touch. I can totally empathize with your problem. I have what is called right field hemianopsia which is due to a massive stroke that I had in the left occipital lobe of my brain. Because I know what it is like to have total vision, I estimate my vision loss to be about 80%. (I also have problems with depth perception and focusing.) Most of the many doctors that I have seen think my visual loss is only 50%. Well, they are not looking behind MY eyes. Sometimes I am very depressed, and no one, including my own family, will believe or accept my visual loss because I look "normal". They can't grasp that the disability is not my eyes, it is damage to my BRAIN. I need someone to talk to.