I Enjoy It!

I am Voluptuous!

Now that i've screamed that out loud and woke the neighbors, I can't help but have an increasingly more optimistic outlook on my figure! I have really big boobs, kinda big hips, a perfect butt (in my opinion) and am tabby. Who wants to be a skeleton? Not I.

I've had my body the way it is for 14 years now and I couldn't be more happy. Kinda was rough in the beginning, puburty is that way to everyone unfortunatly, but I learned to deal with what others had to say. I'm fat? What are boobs, but fat? Nice observation,lol. Got anymore insults to hurl at me? They'll just bounce right off >=3

Wow! Anyway, thats all I gotta say for now. Gotta sleep.

madammimi madammimi
22-25, F
9 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I am very proud of you. It takes a lot for a woman to admit such beauty.

You are magnificent. Please friend me. xo ANN

Boluptuous is sexy

And who says being a bit fat is a bad thing? You're wildly delightful!

would love to see some pics please to df12367@yahoo.co.uk<br />
Thanks x

voluptuous is a good thing :) Its refreshing that at least some women out there are comfortable in their own skin! You go girl!

send me some pics robrdu@yahoo.com

Would really like to see nude pictures of you abdielrn@gmail.com

Sir mix-a-lot is a smart man lol