Next Door Neighbors

My neighbors often don't wear clothes around their house, which of course, a lot of people don't. What is nice is that their kitchen window faces ours and every now and then, the wife comes into the kitchen naked or in the process of putting on her bra. In fact, just 10 minutes ago, I walked past the kitchen window and she was naked at the sink, washing out a dish or something. My lights were out so I paused and got a 1 minute show of her nice ****.

It's nice, it's just random that I happen to be looking out the window and get to see her naked.

When we moved in, she told us that they like to be nude and don't be surprised if we see her husband walking around naked. We seem to see him more than her unfortunately.

Awhile back in the summer, they were hottubbing in their backyard, which is visible from another window. The wife got out and started doing some yard work naked for maybe 10 minutes. Got a great show.

Love being a peeping tom, at least in a safe way like this.
Willy1776 Willy1776
56-60, M
Dec 2, 2012