I am disabled, 4'8", and 90-something pounds. I'm delicate and cannot defend myself. Men can easily take advantage of me and have done so before. I am tiny. I get sexually harassed by men of my generation and men that are a lot older. It is almost constant. It's become a fact of life for me. One of my greatest fears is being in yet another abusive relationship. It is very difficult for me to trust men, but I get along with them very well when I do. Other than family members, I can count on one hand the men that I know I can trust. It can be very hard for a man to gain my trust, but I can guarantee that once he does he will have a permanently steadfast and unfailingly loyal friend.

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id never do that

and quite happily break any mans jaw who did that to you or any friend i had

women are special

they need to be treated with respect

any man who doesnt needs his manhood taken away and fed to him

Well let's hope you read my stories and I pass your test with flying colors.

I hear u. I am trying to empathize. If I was single I would find u attractive and it makes me sort of sad because I certainly would mean u no harm. So I am sorry and will try better. I will try not to look and if we need to associate I will be professional and keep 3 feet between us so your not intimidated. When it is time for social situations I will assume u are not interested and sort of ignore u in a non direct way. I hope that will help.

You are the kind of person I truly would enjoy having as a friend, being hard and time consuming to gain your trust is well worth effort when it comes to having a friend you can always count on!!!


I am hoping since you have written this, your feeling more comfortable with your size. Fear is not too much of a bad thing, it is not a mind killer, but it rather a sharpener. Maybe you have had a lot of trouble with Men, or maybe it is an over cautiousness. However, your best way of learning how to trust a man or just person in general, is all through observation.

General impressions are the worst of judge of character, they over look the smaller details. If you observe you see the larger pattern of the kind of man your looking at, weather he is a good or bad person, anything and everything he is about. Go people watching one day at your mall or park or what not. Just watch the people go by, you will learn more than you think.

funny, I've always felt the need to take care of somebody.

You seem like a good person to me. vulnerability is just a mindset. it's good that you know when to trust, and when not to. that alone makes you stronger, less vulnerable.

Hi sweetheart. Let me apologize for my gender! Anyway, there are good men out there, but they may be hard to find. I think our society takes a sensitive boy and turns him into a hard abusive brute. Then people wonder why all the men are so aggressive and uncaring. Duh! Look at what we worship as a society. When I read your experiences I really feel for you, wish I could be that man you are looking for (I can't). I really hope you find happiness, I can tell you are a good person. I added you to my circle.