Thank God For Skype.

I never thought the ring of skype would sound soo wonderful. I have it going on three devices.My computer, IPAD, and Droid. I refuse to miss him online. Minutes seem like hours when i wait for him to sign on. The internet latley has been soo ******. I hate that i cant even see his precious face on webcam. 
alyciafalcon alyciafalcon
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4 Responses Nov 18, 2010

hey try oovoo. :) its the best!

Hope you hear from him soon hun! :)

thats so cute! i havent talked to mine in a week, i miss him so much, but my skype has yet to be off! lol!

Skype is so amazing! I have to admit sometimes my boyfriend and I fall asleep with the web cam on...the next best thing to sleeping next to each other at night :)