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My name is Crystal and my boyfriend is currently on his first deployment with the Army!! It has been about a little over a month and it seems to have gone by fast but some days and weeks just drag on and honestly I cant wait for this year to be over with. Normally, I want it to go by very slow because it seems like it goes by so fast normally but not when you want it to. So everyday since he got overseas I have been on my computer waiting and waiting for him to get on skype, the time difference sucks so we haven't quite figured out the best time to get on to talk to each other. Skype, has helped so much so far with this deployment it's so nice to see his handsome face that i miss soooo very much! It is very crazy how you know you love someone very much and want to spend your life with them, and then they go away for awhile and it completly confirms how much you feel for this person because you are absolutly miserable without them, and everyday is a constant struggle, but I know I have to keep my head up and stay strong! I know my man will be so proud of me when he comes home because I will still love him, but I will love him more and more each day and our relationship I feel will grow even stronger. I no longer will take the time I spend with him when he comes home for granted nor will I complain if I only see him for a few hours because he is working or something. I know what it's like to not actually see the person you love! I will no longer take a lot of the things I have for granted because among others including our soldiers they may not have the opportunity to have the things we do now! I am very thankful to have my boyfriend in my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. He is my love, my hero, and my everything. I miss you soooo much my love, cant wait to see you again.. staying strong!
Thank you for reading my story!!
takenbyasoldier08 takenbyasoldier08
22-25, F
May 11, 2012