Waiting For Him...

There is always a someone who i cant help waiting for him to come online. Whether i love him or just want to talk, theres always someone. But the worst part is when he does come on and he doesnt talk first i get the feeling he hates me, and if i talk first i dont want him to feel im obsessive

So yeah.... kinda pointless now i think about it!

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3 Responses Nov 3, 2008

Hahah yeah sometimes i constantly check my msgs and check his page and whatever, and when ever i dont get a reply i get pissy to hahah.<br />
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My ones not as good though he doesnt leave the offline messages and he only comes on really late at the moment so if i cbf sitting up, i dont get to talk to him =[ because he only talks when were both online. Haha crazy i know but i cant hepl obssessing sometimes =P

OMG! I toally know what you are saying. I also have the 'special someone' that after a conversation my mood the next day is so GOOD!<br />
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This week's been terrible, I've hardly talked to him. Then I start getting pissy and antsy.<br />
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We leave each other messages over instant messenger so even if the person isn't online they get your messge when they log in. So he is good at responding, but it takes him a WHILE which can be frustrating.

haha i have gone threw the same =p