One Day...

I'm 16 years old and believe it or not, I'm still waiting for my first, beautiful, magical kiss.

I've read so many stories about how first kisses are so amazing and they're moments you remember for the rest of your life.

When I was 12 I wanted to be kissed so badly and didn't care who gave it to me, but now I have morals and I want to wait for that perfect moment with the perfect guy :)

I just know that if I be patient, it will happen one day... :)
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1 Response Jan 8, 2012

Life isn't like books or movies, miss. <br />
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Don't expect perfection from a man. PERFECT MEN DO NOT EXIST. If you think a man is perfect for you, then I can 100% guarantee he's a big fat liar. <br />
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When you get to be older you'll learn that there's nothing more BORING than a person who tries to be perfect. Because perfect people have nothing new to say, no stories to tell. They can only repeat what they've heard other people say. Flaws and faults make a person interesting. <br />
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MY first kiss was nice, but it was really awkward. <br />
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Not "bad" but not, like, amazing or spectacular or super romantic. I think the first time is awkward for most people.<br />
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It was a first kiss for both me and my girlfriend at the time. (LOL we were both V.L.) Don't expect fireworks or ringing bells or retarded stuff like that. <br />
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But you do get a nice tingly feeling afterward. I was happy that she trusted me enough to do that. You feel loved and also feel like you've accomplished something, like you've taken a big step in the relationship, which is true.<br />
We'd talked before but It took a few days for me and her to get up the courage. Actually i think she was ready before I was. I was a clueless 17 y/o boy at the time.<br />
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The third or fourth time I kissed her, that was when it started to get really amazing and fun and romantic. Goodnight kisses are the best.

Thanks for your comment, and I do believe in some points you have stated.
But in my eyes, my perfect man is not boring because his 'flaws' or 'imperfections' that you said are what makes my 'perfect' man perfect.
I'm sorry that your first kiss was awkward, but everyone is different.
I'm a dreamer, and nothing will ever stop me from dreaming.