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And Waiting And Waiting And Waiting

Seventeen, never been kissed. I picture it as being in the rain with a guy as the sun goes down and we go for a walk or dance in the rain and out of spontaneity we kiss. I'll probably just get drunk at a party and get it over with haha. My younger neighbors have all been kissed and think I'm "precious" for not kissing anyone yet. Not precious, it's annoying and I feel the longer it takes, the more it'll never happen. Each year I'm like "oh, well by this time next year I'll have been kissed, or have a boyfriend, etc." I've been wrong every year. Im through with waiting around, I'm annoyed I haven't just kissed someone at this point. I'll keep waiting I suppose.
Kippy214 Kippy214 16-17, F 1 Response Jul 29, 2012

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Oh, quit your whining!!!!! I've NEVER been kissed & I'm WAY older then you!!! Geez!!! (Sigh) U stupid teenagers think that if u haven't been kissed or have had sex by a certain age your doomed to never get it!!!