Fantasy Cinderella Sadness


  Every day I'm very sad just stare at the window because I miss my prince charming because it's hard not too see him because he his far way from him he always at working just being bored without me my friend Deshanae Torres she friends with him when he get sad or bored he will think of me & he wants see me but he dose not no how this love is always getting stronger every day our love is like a basketball love when I get sad just stare at the window or even no talking & also I draw because I'm artist really good one the only way I could see him Aztecs & 4th July that's it I wish could see some day I know I'm going see him on 4th July that's it even Aztecs basketball I feel sad every time I go a store with my family if they played loves songs it mines me of him at night time he always in my mined everyday I wish I could drive & tell him how I feel that I want say I Love u I hope he will say the say thing to me this how sad if we are part everyday sometimes I cry because he his always in mined I can't do this anymore I just miss him everyday of my life ....Oh one more thing if I go to la jolla beach club I sometimes get happy only a little bit .
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May 9, 2012