Prince Charming All The Way, From Jolly Old England Here!

well i just may be prince charming!
maybe , i thought i had my princess, i loved and lost..and it hurts!
so now i will search again for my princess, i am not rich , i will not buy you jewels, or fur coats!
i will however love with all my heart , cherish you there for you always!
whenever you may need a shoulder , you will have mine , whenever you shed a tear , i will dry it
in the times of sorrow , i will be there, when a hug is required, look no further !
when trouble finds you..i will banish it to the wilderness!

in short ....always and forever ..if you are mine ...i am yours!

Englishgent1970 Englishgent1970
36-40, M
May 9, 2012