Fantasy Cinderella Wishes

               Fantasy Cinderella Wish 

My hole life I want to be a ghost hunter because I can see ghost that's why I want be a ghost hunter since I was 19 that was first experience ghost in that age & i never get scared at all my other wish be famous with art I'm artist who do awesome birthday cards even holiday cards I wish I get my own store with art t-shirts that my dream be a fashion designer but it's to expensive now because there is no money in the world because to expensive that's why I draw birthday cards because I was a artist since my hole life I love to draw make something new every like my life is about peace of artwork my other last wish is this guy who I went in my school years even my life as a friend he his a popular handsome guy I ever met I wish I Talk to him in person not be shy front of him I wish I was not visible with him because every time I go some where I see him he makes happy love & just me & him he always in mined everyday he have a cute smile & also hot body he makes me lol he make cry but I wish he was here with me & I know he wishing same thing I wish he knows how I really felt about him he his a great guy I ever met in 6 grade it feels like your in the movie with Hilary duff & Chad Michael murry a Cinderella story but this guy he his way cutter then Chad I wish I could not be shy around I wish I could ask to kiss me I never had my first before I wish it would be him I wish could say him that I love him very much because u make me up I wish here was here I wish his my bf I wish anything will be him ....I miss him lot I hope he knows ...:( 
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May 10, 2012