Waiting For That Special Someone...

It has to be Murphy's law that all the nice ones never appear when you want them to, and the strangest, oddest people you would never even think of befriending do.

How ironic could it be that you're so nearly the perfect person I've been looking for? And you're right there beside me, so near and still so far.

I'm the one on the outside looking in, knowing that I want, but I can't.

I wish I could be selfish and lock you in my heart.

But I can't.

I - we - have so many things to do, to accomplish; it's easier to live in the precarious twilight of not knowing, than to ask the questions that might seal the answer.

I pray someday I'll find someone else, who'll come at the right time; someone like you.
wheretherainfalls wheretherainfalls
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Sometimes the right person at the right time pops up when you expect it the least.<br />
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I hope and somehow I know that you'll find the right one. You're still young and you still have so much to experience and to gain.<br />
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But watch out that you don't focus all of your time and thinking about that one opportunity as sometimes the opportunity is lost by just doing so. While you could invest your energy in something else.

Thanks idlewatcher for your comment, I really appreciate your advice. :) Waiting is more or less a default option due to certain circumstances right now; as much as I would like to, I'm not prepared to give up my future in exchange. Knowing me, I would demand that the other party give up his time and commitments to suit me. I know, I'm selfish. <br />
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I'd much rather give this up and try to forge a lasting friendship instead. Hopefully I'll find someone special in the future, when things have settled down. <br />
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I think that my main point was that waiting for the right person at the right time is tiring - they never do seem to come at the right time. Sigh.

You need to quit 'waiting' and just let it come naturally. Otherwise, you'll be full of disappointment :) Good look in your journey however :)