I Dont Like Waiting

i really hate being single its quite lonely and the sad thing sometimes i feel when i want to date i wanna be friends first i feel the chance of hurt is less and then when hurt comes along its worse then i could have been i just make things complicated alot of time idk maybe im just meant to be alone i cant really tell all i know is ive been single for a while and its not fun in the summertime and i dont like how alot of my friends are taken then the ones who arent i like and then if they are they like my single or taken friends and dont even recognize they just treat me like one of the guys and im bisexual and nobody i know at school or anything likes me that way and it seems like im really the only one who is or who is proud to be and its not fun being lonely i dont like it but i feel like im getting to know it a little too much ugh idk i know ill find it someday ill find them him or her either way i know i will
stephanie3411 stephanie3411
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

oh and i don't know any bisexual girls, only guys and thats "supposedly" harder to find a match for? so i guess if they can do it, you can too!

I'm not bisexual but i know a few people who are, and i also know they went through that exact same feeling. But most of the guys that i knew all have someone now it just takes time. But i do understand the whole not wantin to wait stuff, and the fact that all my best friends have bfs/gfs too, and it just sucks! I'm just super picky though and i know its my fault i just can't help it. Just hang in there!