I haven't dated anyone in a long time, a couple years really.  I've had a few flings that didn't last long but I don't really count those.   I think the biggest reason I haven't dated anyone is that my life has been so difficult.  I've had to rescue my family from poverty and then spend a great deal of money on lawyers to keep my mom from going to jail.  It's only been in the last couple months that my life was stable enough to move to my own place and not worry about having a crisis every few weeks. 

Having been alone for the worst period of my life, it's kind of odd now to think about dating.  I don't want to have anything to do with anyone clingy or needy.  I'd like to meet someone who is dependable, for whom love is something more than attention and want, but that's a tough order I think. 

And I suppose I also really haven't met anyone who has grabbed me or motivated me to pursue them.   I'd like to meet someone who is sophisticated, smart, confident.  I am amazed about how many women (and people more generally) have no interest in culture, in art, in travelling, in books.  When I stop to think about it, most of the women I've been attracted to (and who are very much attracted to me) have been people born elsewhere or who have travelled extensively.  I would like to meet someone who knows that Rome is in Italy and that Africa is not a country, who speaks another language, stuff like that.  I think that's what I mean by sophisticated. 

Unfortunately, that's a tough order in America, where most everyone finds solace in TV and consumerism. 
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there's lots of people like that out there. you just need to go to college.

Thanks, I think you're right. Like with everything, patience is key. Sound advice, I appreciate it.

it's a tall order but i don't think it's impossible, even in the US. honestly, i think a lot of people feel the same way you do. just make sure you don't judge too quickly...sometimes it takes time for someone to really show themselves to you. you'll weed out a lot of amazing people by dismissing them before you know them well. good luck! hope you find the perfect girl...

I think you would be perfectly matched with a literary professor. Goodluck!

Africa ISN'T acountry??!! Dammit! First the Pluto thing... now this! =} J/K!!