I Believe In Waiting For The One!

I'm a 23 year old guy! I believe in waiting for that one person! The one who'll share all my life with me! I've dated around, but I've always felt she's out there somewhere waiting for me! So I wait for her, longing to see her! I miss her sometimes too! Wishing she was here already!

teevu teevu
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Thanks, that's alot to understand and I will put that into pratice

I totally agree with u! And I'm planning to follow up on your advice!

I feel ya teevu I'm in the same boat. She out there, but it just not time yet. (at least that's what everyone will tell you). Personally I just can't buy into that anymore. . You said you're waiting for her to come to you, but I think that's a bad idea. I've tried that route for years, and only found a broken heart, and tons of problems.<br />
I've found trying "to make it happen" actually makes me happier during the search.. really it just feels right. You also said "I've always felt she's out there somewhere waiting for me!".. I believe you, but if both of you are waiting then how is it going to happen? fate? I wouldn't count on it..<br />
They're actually tons of women that can be your "one", but if you look for her you'll increase your chances dramatically. Your best bet on finding her is expanding your circle of friends.. Make new ones, jump groups, try new places, etc. Once you start trying you'll start seeing more, and more options... I when from 1 or 2 possibilities every year to 5 in 3 months with this mind set. I'm still looking, but it gave me a greater understanding of what I truly want.. I hope you take my advice to heart. I promise it will save you a lot of waiting ;)