Zombie Apocalypse

I am wholheartedly expecting the zombie apocalype to come about in my lifetime.

Not necessarily the slow moving zombies that shout "BRAINSSS!", but the more likely zombies from '28 Days Later' who succumb to extreme rage. With all the government experiments and technology of our age kept from the general public, genetically altered humans are a certainty. As to when they escape and wreak havoc upon the world however, cannot be predicted so easily.

And so in, I have been slowly stockpiling weaponry over the years for when the outbreak comes. Just knives and machettes mostly, but items that can none the less be invaluable during a zombie apocalypse. I also have an escape route planned out from my building, have calculated the most defendable position of the complex, am close to a supermarket that can be raided for supplies and even know how to hotwire a car so that I can make a quick getaway if need be.

A little extreme? Perhaps. But I plan on being as mentally and physically prepared as possible when the dreaded day finally arrives.
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
May 25, 2012