For So Many Things In Life....

my husband to come home.
to deal with adopted mother/daughter ******. I am the victim.
Need to wait for the husband to come home because he is the PhD in Psychology and Theology. We all wait for so much in life, especially when we have a relationship with God through Christ. We wait, we trust God that He knows what is best. We don't go ahead of Him. We don't crawl our way out of the pain unless God is directing and we are following. Sometimes we suffer waiting on God. I know I am. But fit feels good knowing that He has told me to "wait". It feels good because then I don't have to deal with this abuse stuff without my husband. At the right time, God, me and my husband will deal with this HUGE issue little by little, until I am better.
What you you waiting for in life... whether you believe in God or not... :)
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Wow, I'm sure the Lord will help you. I'm not sure whether I should leave my wife for God or just wait for her to come around. Been waiting for years, idk what to do

i understand, it is difficult sometimes to know really what to do in these kinds of situations. I pray for my EP friends, so I have been praying for you.. I hope that is OK with you. Good luck SBB. so nice to have you here on EP :)

thank you

He will not withold any good thing from you, that's what God promises in his word.
I am waiting for my Son to get a job and for him to be well enough emotionally after abuse to handle it.

I always pray for your son.. hugs to you mpde, will write soon :)

Thanks, you Rock! u so supportive and such a good friend and I appreciate you. Hugs.