The Fire Is Getting Closer

Guess they're calling it the Wheeler fire. Northern Ca. Antelope Lake which is up the hill from me started last Saturday with lightning strikes. 28,000 acres so far. We had a town hall meeting Monday for evacuation info for Janesville 3,000 pop. I have 8 acres of very dry pine trees and have been hit by lightning twice in 5 years. We had dry lightning last night and are expecting more the next two days. Cross your fingers for me. I have 3 St. Bernard's, 2 cats, and I should probably take the fish. It's going to be really crowed in my jeep.
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4 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Yes, I live rural too. I know you must be scared. I am sending you good thoughts. Please keep me, us posted if you can. Good luck.

you take care, stay safe and keep us posted. we're crossing our fingers for ya.

They have it covered and I have friends in town if need be. It's all the people out my way with livestock that really have their hands full. <br />
3 St. Bernards is one thing but my neighbor will have to get his 4 hourses to the fair grounds in town if the word comes to get out.

*Crossed Fingers* Good luck! Our hearts go out to you! Do they have shelters set up, or is everyone expected to find own relocation?