Finding Your Inner Goddess

Last night I got to thinking about archetypes and the story-lines of our lives, and I did an internet search and found this really cool website:

If you click on "Questionnaire" on the left-hand menu, there are 13 questions to help you find your Goddess type.  I was actually amazed at how 'accurate' this was for me! 

Not only is this fun to do, but I found it really helps to look deeper into our life stories to see what our story-lines are really all about, and it may help us to mature into our full potential as Goddesses more quickly.

Have a look at tell me what you think! 

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Thanks, mmsom. Maybe I should get that book. It is interesting, isn't it? to see that we are patterns of behavior, living out a story that seems to be already written. And it does feel so good to give ourselves permission to be who we feel we are, instead of what we think the world wants us to be. It's still hard sometimes, though...

I am Artemis all the way.... I don't need anyone to complete me . I am just me... companionship would be nice as long as there independent... Wont have it any other way.

Hi TempestBurns -- I'm very happy you found this helpful and took the time to write and let me know! It made me take another look at the quiz, and I found it was redone from the last time I took it (more detailed in the scoring), so I retook the quiz, and found pretty much the same results, only that I was nearly as strong in the Hestia as Persephone archetype. It also made me relook at the profiles, and something really stood out this time -- the "task" of Persephone to address the issue of personal power. I've really realized how I've always projected my power onto others, and how this has created problems for me in my life. A problem I am dealing with at work basically boils down to this issue, and my unwillingness to deal with conflict and own my own power. This is something I'm starting to face and grapple with. I'm so pleased you found my story!

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Thanks so much for posting this!! I expected different results than the ones I got, but I was more amazed as to why! I was further blown away how accurate the quiz was. I interpreted these results as a snapshot of who I was, how the old me helped shape who I am now, and what I could become if I stay my course. Better than a Tarot reading :P ! There are things I would like to change, things I am proud of and want to keep, and things that I do not think I can change, but I can definitely learn to manage. The most intriguing part was how I was almost tied in the Aphrodite/Persephone Archetype, which I believe represents my past and present personalities and characteristics. I expected to have more attributes like Athena , but she had the 3rd highest score for me. I thought it may have been a mistake, but then I looked at the way I scored with the remaining Goddesses (like Demeter, for example, a -26 LOL) and then I appreciated the test's accuracy and the questions themselves. My patron Goddess is from the Yoruban Pantheon (again, not what I expected since I had more knowledge of the Norse, Greek and Egyptian Pantheons), but I can fully accept and learn from the Archetype Goddesses within me. Thanks again!!! :D

I thought to add here, some books recommended to me (thanks jon), that 'fit in' with this discussion are "He", "She" and "We" by Robert A. Johnson. I'm three-quarters of the way through "She", and have found it an amazing exploration of the feminine psyche and the journey it takes (we all have both feminine and masculine aspects to ourselves, whether we are male or female). If anyone here is interested in depth psychology and mythology and archetypes, and is open to exploring their own psyche... "He" is an examination of the masculine aspects of ourselves, "She" the feminine, and "We" an exploration of romantic love. It fits in perfectly with looking at our inner gods and goddesses.

Hi Juan!<br />
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You should meet my friend jonofamber... you guys would hit it off, I think :) You both have that deep philosophical sense, and are both wonderful writers! You may be long lost brothers, in fact...

Interesting! I've been thinking of archetypes myself lately.

LOL... perhaps your anima could participate! But I agree -- the equivalent site for men would be wonderful to see. Perhaps it's there, just not discovered, yet.<br />
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But I wonder... perhaps because our society has swung so much in the direction of the Patriarchal, women have gotten out of touch with their inner goddess much more than men have with their inner god. In that sense, we may have more to bring into consciousness, and a site like this is much needed. Interesting to think about...

Hi Presence -- yes, intriguing is a good word! Glad you enjoyed it. Are you a Pisces by chance, lol? I am, and inner conflict is my middle name ;) The good news is, when we learn to work with our inner conflicts, we can embrace paradox much easier (I think) -- and paradox is the 'key' to absorbing the greatest truths...

Hi Swan! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I tried once and then timed out and lost what I'd written, and just found some time to come back and try again, lol. I love your proposal, think it could be both fun and illuminating to try something like this! Only I feel like I'd need some direction in order to get started. But I'm always up for a little introspection. I'd like to explore how to move through to the more "mature version" of my goddess-type. One comment on the Persephone profile (my closest goddess-type) was that a characteristic that shows I still have work to do is a 'girlish' look of long hair -- and I have let my hair grow long, lol... so do I need a haircut? Perhaps a metaphorical sort of haircut is in order? I'll have to think about this.<br />
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I wonder if anyone else is interested?

Hi Dee, I loved this questionnaire. It turned out to be much more than just the usual "check the box and we'll tell you what your type is" sort of simplistic game. The questions showed a deep grasp of the basic goddess types and elicited a thoughtful introspection process for me as I read them and considered how to answer. What I noticed was that my responses were quite different than those I've had toward these same questions at earlier times in my life. LIke you, I've got a blend of goddesses. Top 3 are Artemis, Persephone and Hestia. <br />
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It occurred to me that I'd love to interact with a group of other females who are equally inspired by this aspect of self-insight. It would be fun to talk about HOW we find the various goddesses energies manifesting and what we notice about the effect in our lives. It could be interesting to hear what others experience and to be able to share our own experience with those who have a fairly thorough grasp of the various archetypes. <br />
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I'm wondering if this might be a place where we could do such a thing. I also realize that a drawback exists: it would require a bit of education, committment, and consistancy of participation for this to really create a safe space for us. However it could be that the payoff leads to unexpected, and unimagined, rewards.<br />
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Wonder what others think? <br />
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Great :) It is interesting, isn't it? How we follow patterns of behaviour and relating to the world. I found it helpful to read about the journey of the goddess I identified with most, to see how a maturation would occur, and find this is what I am needing to grapple with in my own life. Wonderfully weird! lol

Good website. I did not take the quiz--but read all the explainations of the goddesses. I identified most with Demeter. Seeking security--me all the way/

Btw, I'm quite the Persephone, with a good bit of Hestia thrown in, and a smattering of Demeter and Artemis.