Uncle Bob's Visit

You've heard from Wally that I'm sexually attracted to older men and have had older lovers over the years. I still have one man that i visit for one afternoon a week. We usually take a shower together when I get there and then have some wine and spend the afternoon mostly in his bed. He always wants me to be naked when I am in his apartment. he loves to see me walk around and jiggle my big breasts for him. Wally loves to hear me tell what we did every time I come home.

Last week we got a email from uncle bob if he could stay in our guest room for a week so he could visit his older brother(Wally's Dad) who is in a rest home. we emailed him back and told him was welcome . He said he was flying in from Vancouver and would have a rental car, so he wouldn't be a bother, he would be arriving on Thursday late afternoon. That's the day I was going to my lover so Wally said he would be home in time to greet him. He arrived about 5pm and he and Wally had a bite to eat and and a few beers. They were talking about family and Bob asked where I was. I guess Wally hesitated a bit and said I was out with somebody. Bob noticed the hesitation and asked him if something was wrong. Wally was relaxed with him and had already had several beers so he told Uncle Bob that I had a boyfriend and I always went there on Thursday. He said said he's a good friend and likes the idea of me being with another man, but our marriage is solid.

As he was telling him this I came home. I felt a little tension right away but Uncle Bob stood up and gave me a big hug and kiss and we had a nice evening together. About 11pm bob stood up and said he was tired and would like to go to bed. Wally and I said good night and he went to his room and asked us to wake him at 7am. We were just finishing up our drinks when Wally said to me. I told him you have a lover, I didn't mean to but it just sort of came out. We didn't talk about it because you came in just then. I said oh well don't worry about it and he likely won't mention it again.

Wally left for work at 6:30 next morning, I was up and had a coffee with him. It was just before 7 when I heard aloud crash in the guest room. I rushed up and into his room and he was standing there naked with glass on the floor from a vase he had knocked over and some blood on one toe. He said I'm sorry but I didn't see it and hit it with my hand and Think there is a shard of glass in my big toe. I carefully led him to the other side of the bed and sat him down then grabbed a small towel to wrap on his toe. I suddenly realized I was on my knees in front of a naked man and he was looking at my breasts which were completely exposed. I removed the glass and got a band-aid to put on and once again we were in the same position. I said to him, I know your Wally's uncle but i like what I see because he was getting an erection. I said don't be embarrassed, If it makes you more comfortable I'll remove my pj's. I laid him on the bed and got naked and laid down beside him. He pulled me tight and I could feel his hard penis against my stomach. I said your quite a potent guy for your age. He told me he hadn't been with a woman for 5 years since he lost his wife. That sort of thing gets me really horny, so we hugged and kissed and somehow he got between my legs and before I knew it he was entering my vagina. he made love to me for a couple of minutes and ********** deep inside me. I'm sorry he said, but it's been so long I couldn't help it. I said Uncle Bob I think we are going to have a great week together. We had sex every day he was there and he was great and on Thursday morning I had him in the morning and my lover in the afternoon and Wally that night. I had told him all about uncle Bob and me and he was thrilled about it. He's coming back next month.  

wally690 wally690
61-65, M
Feb 15, 2010