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I Am Wanting To Be Caught Dressed As A Girl By My Mom But

Okay, my story is - I was wanting to be caught dressed as a girl by my mom
but it was my dad who caught me.

Is it okay to write that story here?
Does anybody want to read it?

thank you ,Chrysanthe
Chrysanthe Chrysanthe 18-21, M 11 Responses Aug 11, 2012

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I hope your dressing up now and letting both your mom and dad see you in your pretties. Thats the way I did. I just kept dressing and trying to get caught, and they did. Now I dress everyday.

sure. type away. can't wait to read

I would love to hear what dad said????Did he like it ?? binkey boy

I'd read it for sure. So get your fingers going on that key board and make us see how you felt when he caugt you.

Of course it's okay. I am looking forward to reading it.

Sure is ok to write it here,start writing.Welcome to E.P. and have fun.

so what did dad say? and do you still want to be cought by mom?

Tell us the story, please...

Go ahead. This is a sort of forum to share stories

It is very ok to write your story here. We do know your not the only boy who has dressed in girls clothing. Add me as a friend too. Melodie13 is 100% correct, you are actually very lucky and happy to have been caught by dad. You need to relax and enjoy writing. It will free you. We are very understanding and will take great care of you here.

Yes you can write your story here on EP, no one will judge you here. You are not the only boy to want to wear dress and skirts.

I put my picture in a album here so it can be seen larger than the avatar one.

Please add me as a friend so I can see your pic better.