Hi Dad, Would You Like A Daughter To Pamper You And Mom?

Hi Dad, would you like a daughter to pamper you and Mom?, those are the exact words
I found myself muttering recently to Dad , when Dad opened the bathroom door and
found his son dressed as a girl.
I was wearing [ from toe to head] pretty white high heels, white knee highs. white summer dress with a rose print, you could say alot of of white, even my panties wear
basic white.
I also had on the lightest hint of makeup , I looked rather sweet .

Dad is good father and I was hoping he didn't scream at me and punish me
at least I trusted him not to get violent.
Dads reaction was confusing to me, at first he just kinda stared at me up and down like
for what seemed like ever, then he asked me "are you attracted to guys, are you dating
or planning to date guys?"
"No, nothing like that Dad, I just get a good feeling wearing girls stuff"
Dad didn't want to hear anymore from me - "Ill say more after I tell your mother tonight,
now getback to being a guy"

I did as he said, I quickly ran back to my bedroom and changed clothes
I looked out my window to see if Penny was round any more- I couldn't see her or her bike.

You see ,I've been sneaking into girls stuff along time, only Penny knew about it
and she changed my whole attitude and system [ that's another story]

Penny was responsible for the above situation- I will admit I did tell Penny
I"d like Mom to find me in a dress one day, but I had no idea Penny would come to my home, completely dress me [ including make-up] and then set me up to be discovered by Mom-
Her plan wasn't fool proof , as DAD came home early, and where I was prepared for
Mom to catch me as a girl and with Penny by my side,I wasn't prepared for Dad and for
Penny to take off.
It's okay , me and Penny still are friends.

That night I was waiting for Dads comment- Dad came to me alone
he said he told Mom what has happened.
Dad said he and Mom are asking me to see whether I likedressing as a girl or whether
I am just enjoying the shock value of being caught.
Dad remembered my comment about being pampered, he said for a length of time
they determine I was to be dressed as a girl 24/7 and to make good on pampering them.

For several weeks I stayed in our house dressed as a girl, doing far more housework
and girl type chores and I never complained, I never grew tired of being a girl either.

Dad and Mom, are okay with me wearing girls stuff , inside for now,
and I have done so.
I've learnt so much, many stories to share, thank you for reading.
Chrysanthe Chrysanthe 18-21, M 13 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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My parents r angry if I wear girl stuff

If you really want to become a girly girl, then you should really pamper your parents so much that they let you wear your dresses outside too. Tell them after a few months, that you are ready to play outside in a dress too. You have to keep trying to add more and more things to beable to do more as a sissy.

P S my name is Paulapetal14----I would love to be your friend

All my life i have practised my passion for x dressing in sectret.I guess i have never been that passionate enough or gay enough to completely cross over if you know what i mean.i have had opportunities in my teens where for instance a girlfriend and her sister just fo a laugh offered to make me up ,I thought of the shame if it ever got out to friends and neighbours.Which i know it would have done Looking back on these opportunities,Perhaps i should have taken the plunge None of my parents ever found out or if they suspected ever mentioned such things to me But although its a long eventful story My nan who did most of my bringing up did.I was going through a phase of ,well desperate times call for desperate measures makeing my own Knickers. Yes i am very artistic and ceative by nature I must have had the ever so common fantasy about being humiliated and punished because these Knickers were hessian of all materials,Or perhaps it was the only material available at the time They were nearly complete Just needed the elastic to gather the waist and legs.Nan came into the bedroom ,went to my hidy spot and said would you like me to give you some elastic.I was dumbfounded and lost for words in embarrasment.Then she just smiled and left the room.i am pretty sure she found lots of things in certain hidy hole but nothing was said.In retrospect i am sure she would have let me dress as a girl if i wished but i just could nt seem to do it. Now i am much older i would say what the hell

Hi Chrsyanthe. This is a true story. I was beautifulfully dressed as young girl with my real long hair (boys long hair in 80s) brushed nice soft. Dad opened my bedroom door and stood speechless looking up and down me. He was not happy and told me to bring up all my girly chothes to him then he burn them in the boiler.Secretly I kept few favourites in my car. Sometimes I go out in the evening and found a forests and changed myself into teenager girl walked in my mini skirt and pink trainer shoes in the semi darkness. So nice to see my beautifull legs shown in car headlights. Mum and Dad said nothing about it. Some years later I bought my own flat and live almost as a young lady. Love to love XXX

thank you for sharing, I feel so fortunate

Oh. And please add me as a friend?

Wow!! My dad would have just told me to get out of those clothes and then get to the bed and bend over and have given me a good *** beating.

It's very cool that both your parents are supportive. I would like to hear more feel free to add me to your circle.

Interesting story. Glad you had courage n nerve to tell them n share story. Thanx.

Well done, Lass! It's a wonderful story and one that should inspire your sisters--almost--ready to "do the deed"! I suppose you had an idea that there was a chance of a good outcome. It isn'tover yet of course. You know that. Still you're making progress. Suggest that you do all you can to make your parents glad that you're girl. Your pampering helps. Grow yourself up quickly--act way more mature than you did. Sell it as your very best self . Love Noelle

I am so proud of you for writing such a great story. I too agree with the home schooling idea that Melodie has suggested. No distractions and you should talk with the other special sisters about attending together and support each other. You should live your life as you see fit and be yourself. You should be in dresses more than your old boys clothing. Melodie is giving you very sound advice since she wears her skirts everywhere. You may want to consider being put on blockers to prevent male puberty and hormones to help you develop into a girl. Like breast development, wider hips, and keeping your smooth and supple skin. Also retaining your high girlish voice too. Let us know how we can help you more. We will be here for you.

It does feel better when parents or someone else knows.Now you get to relax and enjoy your new life.

It is great that both your parents know. You know you can't go to school dressed I am sure of, however talk to your mom and dad about the home schooling, it is free (they'll like that) and you get your classes more one on one. The part you will like is that you can go on line still in your dresses or dressed as a girl in a skirt if you wish. Kristen is homeschooled and he loves it - talk to Penny or Harley about it also. You also get a better education because of no distractions.<br />
The next thing is to get you going out in your dresses or skirts. Go with Penny or Harley or even Janice. It will be a bit scarey at first but you will feel better about yourself.