Family Issues

There comes a point when one can handle only so much.

Parents divorced. Younger siblings. Argueing. Yelling. Wanting to cuss out whoever comes in my path. Anger against my father. Mother trying her hardest with three kids. I want out.

There are certain things that really just tick me off. Certain things that certain people do giving me more of a reason to just move out. Younger brother trying to be the man of the house. Telling me what I can and can not do, always giving me his two cents to every issue. Always running his mouth off.

Younger sister, making comments under her breath, hoping I wouldn't hear them. Telling me what I should be doing around the house. Telling me I never do anything to help out.

Mother taking out her anger at me because I'm the oldest. Always looking for something to yell at me for. Always knowing she would cuss me out if she really lost her temper.

Father who doesn't seem to care. Left us completely. Siblings want nothing to do with him. I try to give him a chance, but with my schedule, he has no time. Thinks we abandom him, what did he do when he moved away to never never land... never knowing where he is anymore. Doesn't send birthday cards, doesn't make any phone calls. Who is the bigger person around here...

I have someplace to go. I just don't have the money...

I want out.

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4 Responses Jul 9, 2007

maybe try to stay away from the house as much as possible.... hang out at star bucks or the libray or a friends house

yea i took the bus till i was 37... but i made sure i lived in a community where the bus system was handy....

A car is often more expense than you see at first. There is not likely to be a decent one on the market for less than 3k, meaning loan might be more feasible in your position, which may mean monthly payments that could become hard to maintain on top of everything else. Then there is registration, insurance (probably not terrible, but still high), and of course gas prices will be going up in the future. Work on minimalist for a while. Move someplace where biking or public transportation is viable, settle in and work on build up from there. Things at home are rough, and probably driving you more crazy than you care to admit, but don't make snap decisions - it's just inviting regret for them. Save for a bus or train ticket, stash that away then build a small reserve of cash in case things go south.

i do have 2 jobs at the moment, workin since i've been 15, tryin to save up but there is also the "small" cost of a car i need to buy as well... like i said i have a place to go, but the distance is great (outta state with bf) and i don't quite have the money.