Four More Months

I have 4 months to decide whether or not i want to leave at 18 or wait it out...

Best thing for me right now is to wait it out.. and keep getting the free ride I've been getting since i was born from my parents.

I've been working since i was 15 years old and i was still able to maintain the SAME job! Except I'm more trusted and counted on by my boss.

In four months I will be 18 years young... I've already have the apartments line up and readily available to me...

All i need is to decide whether or not i want to leave my house or not.

  • I can't stand being home.
  • i'm never here anyways... always working.
  • I need a place i can concentrate in my education rather than having all these kids to deal with (mom has a day care at home 6AM to 6PM)
  • I was always independent (limited though) anyways.
  • I've paid my bills on time.

I'll see how everything goes in 4months =)

EmJay EmJay
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2007