At The Park

Last year I was in a park nearby where a neighborhood party was organized, it was on a sunday and the sun shone very bright that day.
Warm as it was I left my house without a bra ,it irritates me when it's hot. all that sweat that gets under it, brr
That year I had a very messy divorce and it was my first real day out since. The food was good ,the ppl were friendly and the beer was cold. I hadn't felt that good in months.
As I was sitting at a table a younger man approached me and asked if he could take a few pictures of me .
I wasn't sure about it but I said yes anyway. He was nice and he took alot of pictures of me that afternoon. We became friends.
I know I am 48 but not dead yet ( lol ) . In the evening we went to my place and we had sex.all night long.
ever since I yearn for younger men .. it's an addiction.

MayB I will confess some more later. Please comment on me



Amanda1962 Amanda1962
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14 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Yeah love that story. So hot and such a turn on to know you were happy to feel that young **** all night long.

Good to know that there are generous ***** out there.

Great story. Lucky young man! Good luck to you in your search.

sigh...oh to be young again and meet a lady such as you !

You must have been ready to resume your social life and your sexual life

Im 42 does that count for being younger??? If so by all means id be happy too entertain you too:))))lol

Fulfilling many young mens fantasies to do an older lady!

Can I take your picture too?

Mmmm...would love to

Pretty lady, you deserve all you want!

i so would love to know u plz connect w me i am carpenterjim65 on yahoo

i want to be that guy

why did you feel 48 was old thing, its very young.

I only wish I was the one you had sex with all night.