I Got ****** In The *** For The First Time . . . (sexual Addiction)

The first time it happened to me was when I was serving in Vietnam in the Marines, about 1969. I worked in the supply dept., so we had allot of tents full of equipment. I got to know one guy very well and I talked him into letting me give him a blow job. He shot a big load and I loved it. We made a habit of this every few nights. We would just go into an empty tent, so it was very easy. I loved sucking his **** and working on it slowly. Also would suck on his balls working up more of his ***. I asked him if he would like to **** me in the *** and he said sure, so we found some sort of hand cream or something and I did it lying on my back. It hurt for a few pumps, but then it started to feel great. I had my legs up on his shoulders, so he got in deep and I could feel his balls slapping against my ***. I was also ************ myself while he did it and he even took hold of me to continue the ************ for the first time.

When he finally started cuming, I could feel it was warm. He then pulled it out and I grabbed it and worked the rest of his *** all over my stomach and chest. I shot my load then too all over both of us, without touching myself. I think it only happened because of the situation and it being the first time I was *** ******. Then, I rubbed it all in and thanked him. He did it a few more times like that in the coming months. Until he was transferred. I think about it once in a while ************ . . .
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Beautiful story, beautiful experience. Thank your sharing it.

Hmmmm add me...you made me horny to **** u

good story