Is He Planning My Death?

My life has been full always a little something, as a child we moved a lot, never had the stability of a good home life, nor the support of a " normal " family. Lot of violence and mental abuse back then. Married while still in high school, after graduation left the states to follow my husband. Many adventures from that time till now. I had a terrible accident about fifteen years ago, broke me real bad, many broken bones, tendons etc... kept going pushing my body, raised my kids. 
worked on changing jobs several times as body begin to break down. Now can't control the body any more, mobility slowly going away. Living with chronic pain has taken over my whole being. i have nothing left to offer. My husband is trying to have his drug friends to take  out big insurance policy on me, I think something strange about that.
Because I can't work all the time and my contribution is so limited I guess I am not worth the trouble. I have survived so much in this life adventure and I have so many friends and family that dearly love me. The fact that my husband is putting on this big front that he cares, I don't know why he has decided to put on this face. Well now that I have found out about the insurance policy scam he is trying to pull off might be the answer.
You see this man that now cries crocodile tears when telling people about the pain I have to endure, but when they are not around he is him self again. He is addicted to meth a daily user.  He is also an alcoholic and any one living these conditions know the h__l this life is all about.
Back to the insurance plan, he informed me of this plan when he was really drunk, he wants one of his friends to take the policy out on me fifty thousand each policy and he wants five different policy's. The plan is at my death they split the money.  Is this to protect himself? No questions asked of him at my death.?   
My life is full of pain, intense chronic pain, so I might not in my subconsciousness really mind. But I do mind that he wants to profit himself and his lady friends at my death, so as not to answer to my kids. 
Please if anyone has any thoughts to this situation , are the legality of this insurance matter, please let me know. I don't like the feeling it has left me with, but maybe its just a fear that he put in my heart years ago. blaaa
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if the plan is to spilt the money with some one ...then he is -planning to murder you for sure... and it may be his friend who is going to do it.. and will payed off.... dam mama go to the cops

omg i would go to the police and tell them about the scam.. it sounds like Premeditated murder..

Thanks Kathryn, and your right, and that is what I will do, I already have all the paperwork done just got to take it to the court house.

Make sure your will is in someones hand, you REALLY can trust.

my kids came and we discussed everything wanted to make sure it was okay with them. so now daughter has it and its all good.

Wow. Well I would make sure you have a will written up to insure that he does not have a right to any money after upon your death. make it out to your children and make sure he can not what so ever touch any of thier money either. the only way to protect yourself is to write and have a will finalized.<br />
<br />
I honestly hope things get better for you and the bastard doesnt get what he wants from you.<br />
Take care, Kathryn