Im not at the moment actually!...

Im not at the moment actually!

Im actually filling it up with as many fun things as i can!!!

This year for example! - Feb - Fun times for best mates bday
March - went to see My Chemical Romance
April - Got a credit card n spent £1200 in a month!
May - Going to Turkey for a week with best mate
June - Going to Download festival with my best mate
July - Im doing a tandem skydive for charity
Aug - Going to Turkey for 2 weeks for my bday n party time at my daddys house when they are on holiday
Sep - Going to a friends wedding
Oct - Nieces birthday weekend
Nov - We are going to see McFly (me n best mate!)
Dec - Christmas

As you can see im doing something each month i know it is sometimes just one weekend a month but im trying!
Im fed up with wasting my life away like i used to so im sirting my life out n doing exciting things i know they cost money but my god at least ill die happy knowiung ive done all these things!!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Apr 8, 2007

what a great attitude. so many times i don't do things because they cost money and i don't think i'm doing enough to justify spending the money on them. but i mean i guess its better to die in debt than die not having done anything.