So I feel like i really should try to get something going in my life, i feel like im starting to disconnect with the people around me, or have i always been this way? So when i went through elementary and until the end of junior high i had no problem at all making friends , i even could go up to strangers when we went on vacations and make momentary friends. I had a large circle of friends all the way until the end of junior high, where I went to a different high school, for the sole reason to be with my best friend that i had ever had which i met in elementary. I feel like I have issues now making connections with other people, im not sure if its because I've lost so many people that I were friends with that i don't have the confidence to try to make new friends or if its the fact that now all the people in my high school have closer relationships and are not as willing to make friends, but its definitely one of the other. I eventually i stopped playing all sports as most of the people in the sports were not very friendly and to be honest I wasn't the best at either of the sports i played. Then a couple years after i dropped all my sports i dropped playing music, I was playing the piano and guitar. I couldn't motivate my self to practice both so i dropped the piano and played guitars for a couple years, but my i felt my teacher was no being very instructive and i wasn't really learning everything so I dropped that. Now I am in high school and I talk to my closer friends, but when i go home i come downstairs and go on my computer until i go to sleep and then start that cycle over again, a really value variation in my life and wish life was more exciting, but i feel as more people are connected through phones and people are more apt to go play games in solitude and connect to friends through the internet we lose this sense of connection with others. I am currently looking to start my life anew, i plan on moving to japan, as i am already learning that language and I have much appreciation for the orients culture and praise the way that there school system works. I really want to connect my self to other people and look for some meaning in my life, sorry if this is the wrong forum to say this, but what should i do? AMTH
May 11, 2012