The Anxiety Is Killing Me...

I am a 19 year old girl who panics at the mere thought of talking with a stranger on the telephone. I run from anything that raises my anxiety and because of this I haven't been able to accomplish much in my 19 years of living. I live on my own because I cant live with my parents (it's a long story), but I dont pay the bill. Many people think that I'm lucky, but the truth is, this apartment is nothing but a fancy jail cell. I have no friends, no one to talk to, and my parents have very little to do with me. I stay locked away behind these walls because the outside world terrifys me to the point of panic attacks. I was attending community college, but dropped out. The anxiety was so bad, that I would shake severely. To the point where I couldnt even hold a pencil. I cant hold down a job or volenteer work, I'm even afraid to drive long distances. I am a prisoner in my skin. And my greatest fear is that I will always be trapped, I will always be alone, and always feel fear when it comes to even the simplest tasks...
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Im here for you if you need it. Feel free to msg me

Do you believe in past lives? what you are describing almost sounds like a cell memory from a past life somewhere. A past life regression may help you a lot with your problem. Sylvia Browne talks about past life issues in a couple of her books and how to deal with them.


This kind of fear is more common than you might think. The irony is that people with social anxieties avoid other people, which means they never find each other to talk about it :) <br />
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There are good treatments if you are willing to accept them, mostly in the form of anxiety-reducing pills in combination with therapy if you can afford it /your government pays for it. <br />
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I had my very first enjoyable icecream in a public square the other year and I'm almost thirty. Don't be as stupid as me and wait that long!