Definately I'm Trying to B...

Definately I'm trying to become the most successful nurse that I can...getting ready to start that & get advice on everything from the working handling money wisely. I do not want to end up like other adults have.
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1 Response Apr 30, 2007

You sound like you're off to a superb start! In addition to learning to manage your finances, I think there are two other things you can do that will put you far ahead of most other people. Learn to manage your time ruthlessly and efficiently. This way you will have extra time to spend with your patients when they need it. And secondly, set aside one thing you love in life apart from nursing and make it protected. NO ONE can touch it. Because the moment you qualify fully they will want you to work extra shifts. Nothing wrong with that, but you should never forget your life. I did that, and this eventually lead me to quit my part of the health care field.