Who Am I ?

i am very complicated in the way i think about the world and how i would like to live, i used to see a psychiatrist who once said i am my own worse enemy, this is true. i've come on here because in the outer world i get along fine but constantly paranoid and seeking approval from everyone i meet, i always feel as though every one hates me. i don't know why and i'm sure it's not true, i have people around me at work and small group of friends but still i even dont feel that close to them any more, i have distanced my self from people over the years through low self esteem and becoming a shut in. But now i've had enough i'm nearly 20 and need to break into the world but the problem is i'm not sure who i am any more i feel my personality and individuality have gone from me and i'm not sure how to gain this back and become my own person again.
radiomind radiomind
18-21, M
Sep 7, 2012