Captain's Log 915122354

I had something on the mind. A story it could have been or what the ever i could have been. But over the most, I logged in and the thing was like welcome home. Along side of some of the things that I have been going through as well as feeling and being, I really can not say welcome home because to me there seems as if there really is no home. I read about the story of the congressman or whatever his name was that got killed and to choose heaven where people are playing golf and having a good time and then going to hell and having conversations with people that he new about how they got rich and other things as well. He chose hell and went back into hell where everyone was wearing rags and other things, begging as of such and all. This was one story that had me for a while. Then started placing things in front of me did he not. Wasn't much of a surprise after most of the things that went on. You know, people walk away from you. I walked away but getting married and by getting divorced. I finish what I started there as well as the continuous things that have to be worked on but dammit if I get sick. i get sick of a lot of things but why complain. You will be used no matter how much you try to avoid it, we at least that's how it is in my neck of the woods, less to say if you yours is not worse as mine as well if it is. Seen some of my relatives earlier and what felt like a good thing turned out to be a what I thought it would, deception. From one thing to another from one thing to the next. Oh well, my food stamps gone, no food in the fridge, clients still haven;t picked up their products (pc's) and the graphics haven't been running. Had a client/customer but am beginning to feel like it is a run-a-round. I can't stand that. That's why I slacked back the first time. Forget lighting the fire to a candle without a wick. No way am I surrendering to (that) again. Whether I find a job and finish from this university or finish form this university go into another university and graduate and find a job....NOW.....I really don't care. I am too burnt out to be doing or feeling like this. My net worth is atleast 82k a year at this present moment. Knowledge, experience, and wisdom. But it will fail me too. They say all the hard work works out in the end, well I still see homeless people wil high, very high degrees and nowhere to live, sleep, or anything. It is not so much as for me to do but damn what does everybody's business have to do with my business. I love them all and hate to see anything happen to anyone God forbid, but circuits are cutting short and patience is running weary. Looks as to be a trap. Maybe it is. Growing and so forth. I still got what I can hang on to but Dracula loves his taste. It's cool though. Mike was looking for his childhood and I'm not really sure if he ever found it. Go figure. I don't know. The day was good though, just business and pleasure trying to fit its way into a schedule of its own. No more. I figured it out. Stay single and be easy. These women out hear... smh.... Not saying anything about them and the men too. It will be fine. I just know now that I didn't know then but will know by there. So, camera can roll, mics can be adjusted in any way they would want, the floors can be polished, and the spotlights can rotate. I won't be in it, you can best to be sure of that much.... JP out....
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Sep 15, 2012