I Want To Relocate!!!

Hi everyone,,
I'm new on here and not sure what am doing but I could really do with some adivce.

I'm a single mom and am not doing anything at the moment, I tried to get into College this year only to get a letter from the College that they can't fund my child care and my little one is still too young to go to school, that really broke my heart kuz I thought I was finally gonna start doing something with my self and forget about all the past mistakes that I have made! :( One which is my ex who I gave almost everything I had but at the end he left me, am really down at the moment , I don't have friends, well I have few but they are either working or studying and the normal gossip, one like to use what I told her against me, so most times is just me and my son alone at home.
My brother and his girlfriend live in another city not too far from me, so am thinking maybe I should move there. I'm scared to move to a new place and I made some calls to the housing people and I was told that to get a council flat is gonna take another 5 to 6 yrs on the waiting list unles I want to go private.
The flat am in at the moment is very nice but I have had too many bad experinces in it, I just want to to leave and since am not doing anything at the moment I thought now would be the best time to move, and closer to my brother, at least my son can see his uncle.?

What do you think?


emily4love emily4love
31-35, F
Sep 20, 2012