This The Norm?

The comfort of the everyday normal is a very powerful thing.
Its the ****** job you go to day after day. Where your boss is a ****, and you make chump change.
Its the late night bag of Cheetos you know you'll regret, but you eat the whole bag and wash it down with mountain dew.
Its the abusive boyfriend who you stay with, even though deep down you know he never loved you and nothings going to change.
Its the xbox 360 that you constantly play for instant gratification. While life is passing you by, becoming more and more dependent on hours of game play because passing a level is easier then real life.
Its those "friends" in your life who only call when they need something, but you always do what they want for lack of a better social life.
Its the 24 case of bud light you down in one sitting to deal, and drive home to your husband/wife and hurt their feelings for no reason.
Its your rich parents who work all the time. Who can give you everything except quality time, and love. Constantly filling that void with a new car on your sweet 16, or that smart phone you had to have replaced for the 3rd time.
Its the pack of cigarettes and lottery tickets you buy. Then complain to everyone how broke you are, and that you can't buy diapers for your kids.
Its the family get togethers you desperately hate, but go to anyway because you'll never hear the end of it and be the **** if you don't.
Its accepting a lie over the truth just to end an argument. Only to feel like **** later for letting it slide.
Its lying to yourself to justify something, even when you know its not right. Such as cheating, and shop lifting.
Its the drugs that you do in front of your kids, and then get mad and beat them for watching. And when they grow up they will do the same.
Its the lack of confidence instilled by people in your life. And to this day it still holds you back from doing what you really want to.
What's your norm?
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Very good summation, I just wonder what the answer is. Does everyone feel the same way wondering is there something more? For me I think it may involve changing jobs. I make very good money , don't work terribly hard, but I don't do nearly as much as I'm capable of. I keep thinking just hang in a little longer and then leave, but months turn to years and one day you get sick or old and realize you never tried or took the chance.

My normal is covering everything up with a smile telling everyone I'm ok but edging nearer to the edge of platform everyday ready to jump infront of the train that takes me to my job that fills me with no satisfaction. To come home and lie to my mother that I'm really happy with all these friends and social life I have that's. really me talking to myself in the mirror convincing myself tomorrow will be a better day but its just as mindless as the last..

I feel the same. My normal is to hid in public, lie with a simile, and hold false hopes for the future. I am working on my new norm.

My New Years resolution is to be more positive and change my normal! X