2013 Is Not Going To Be A Good Year

Thought 2012 was rough. 2013 won't be any better. Seems to me that the old people are looking at 2013 as 1913. Wayyy back in the day. Atleast the people around me. The aura is so bad that there is no privacy. Even my grandmother is using me and denoting my name. I was on the phone with my advisor today and could half concentrate listening to her and my grandmother trying to be all nosey and interrupt by jumping on her phone and talking like she was just some type of business woman. I can't stand that. All she does is sits in a chair all day, watches tv, and talks about everyone, even worse talks bad about everyone. This I can't stand. Call herself raising me as if you don't have anything nice to say about anyone don't say anything at all.. well.... no comment there. She didn't take care of my mother through her growing in life because she was so busy running from man to man. This I got from her mother, my great grandmother which is like 90 years old now and kicking strong as a mule. She was even surprise, as she told me, what she was doing behind my papa (grandfather
s) back. Told me she didn't know that my grandmother was doing such things. That's one of the reasons that I really don't have a like less of love for my grandmother. Now she is senile and just plain nasty. The man she has been dating for over God knows how many years is no better. Storms into the house, doesn't stay here because he say's that I am the problem. So he moved into one of his trailers and booms through the door of the house like WW5. It's not getting any better. This is two of the one reasons that I stay locked inside my own room all day. I try to make little of what I can with my little organization in hopes of it growing. Now, it seems like it don't want to happen. I started my Doctoral degree in Management of Technology and Engineering in Business Administration and seems like everyone knows my business and I haven't said a word. It's been like this since 2009, 2010 or so. The thing is, I haven't really told anyone anything.. ??? This is how I know that 2013 will not be a good year. Less like the following years here after. Acquaintances just aren't the same. All they want to do is use me for their benefit and not pay for anything. I've fixed over 5 computers for them and no kind of payment. ???? Not even a suggestion for "well I have $10 or $20 because I don't have any money. Just a nothingness. One client just plain flat out told me they would pay me Friday, didn't see them Friday nor any Friday there after. Tried calling and the phone line was off. New Year's came and all the debts that were owed to me, I just gave it to God and let Him handle it. I was just starting my business and that was what I got. Now grandma trying to run and control my business, filtering calls and such. People call and need my service she tells them that I'm not home!!! Not good. So here now, I am left with a business that no one can get in touch with. All the hard work I put into it and being stopped because of what....jealousy and envy. Things worse I have a storage and the money that I was to be making not be made, I won't be able to pay for the rent. This is definitely not good. She continues to stop my money flow and what is even worse as I said before, she puts my business out in gossip as a lie! I hear my name in media, yes in media, on tv! How???!!! This is just a disgrace... I just want to say bump it and just sit here in my room and finish my schooling, time will, just sit here. God. Please bless me.....
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Jan 8, 2013