Im In The Last Chance Saloon

1 yes i am 42 i live in England
2 I am a man
3 I live with My mother and her Partner
4 I suffer from severe depression
5 My younger Brother is 34 and has an 8 yr old boy
6 He moved out 10 years ago
7 i have had seizures for 10 years is it Epilepsy or Depression?
8 I have never had a happy loving relationship My Mom calls me a failure
9 I am a loser and loner whos friends have all met women and left him
10 I am rotting away and need something to happen in my life

I have tons of issues with life please read some of my stories thank you x
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36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

hey, what can I say that will help you and change your life? it sounds harder than doing my exams right now. ever since discovering ep today, i have had a calm presence of mind. I am reconnecting with my inner self to see what it is that I can do to make my situation better. Sometimes I wish there was some sort of potion, that can make everything better, permanently. those around me say that its wishful thinking and that you just have to do it no excuses. but some of us, we are stuck in a vicious cycle with no guidance on how to get out. DO we deserve the guidance? probably not. but we are humans we are in this together. Remember, there will always be more chances, just try and see what happens. <br />
If I can not do anything for you, I can be company and listener of your problems, feel free to hit me up any time... :)

42 years is alot longer than most get.

living with the folks is not a sign of failure, if you can't afford your own place then what the **** else are you supposed to do?

Depression hits everyone at somepoint in life though it its some harder than others. specially the type that makes your every thought you have a negative. I had that. loathed it.

Bully for your brother.

My bro has a child of his own. he's a great kid but i've seen my brother stressed out as **** by raising him. Having children is not for everyone. You sound as though you have enough burdens on you as it is.

Probably Epilepsy, i've never heard of depression-triggered seizures.

Can't advice on the mother problem much, you'll have to face that demon yourself.

I still visit my friends (only 2 like but meh), i'm lucky in the sense there both idle bastards so they're not really going anywhere. must admit though finding new ones out there is harder than it looks.