Well, If I Consider That...

one of my major visions for myself is still very much on hold, I could say that I am wasting my Life away. I think about becoming a writer and there are days when I yearn for this exalted title. "Writer" sounds so perfect for me. To become a writer is what I want the most for myself and the fact that I have yet to achieve this most daunting goal seems to indicate that I am indeed wasting my Life away. That's not to say that I don't write, I do. Everyone I know writes something at one point or another, and that includes me, but I have a bigger dream, I want to write something that will say to me irrevocably that I am a writer and an author. So yes, I waste my life away dreaming and only on occasion do I find the courage to turn my dream into reality with a story or two here and there.
kokoca kokoca
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1 Response Jun 23, 2007

Well achieving your goal in life will take time and with out the proper support you will end up telling yourself no you can't. It sucks but that is what happens. Take your time. Do research on what you want and then right out guidelines to follow as to getting started. Start off easy and work your way into it. You need to recapture that vision you had to get back into it. Wish you luck on your dream.