What a Waste

My whole life I have wanted to get into music. Maybe start my own label. I also write very well and have wanted to do something as well. I have so many ideas but no clue how to get started on any of them. I'm 25, I swore things would be great by now...

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2 Responses Apr 9, 2009

lol, at 33 i'm in the same boat as you both. music isn't something you can count on as a career, unfortunately. i've even started my own label and put money behind it to get it out there. without the extra money, promoters and transport to events it just bottomed out for me really. even doing these things doesn't guarantee us a career in what we love doing, unfortunately. <br />
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i make music for myself these days... i give up with the internet and trying to make it financially with music here as well. i've spent half a decade now on websites, podcasts, live radio airtime, music instruments, disks and electronic equipment to make it all fancy, 3D music videos, supporters and friends online but it still did squat for me. i discovered people still think they have a right to music these days for free and won't usually pay indie artists even if they like the music. it's a sad world we live in, but that's how it is now.

Word for word...Ditto. I also can write well, I LOVE music, am 25 and life is SOOOO not what I thought it would be.