Wasting Life

all my life i never wanted to do anything for anyone i wasted all my time on being lazy until i met katie s. thought shewas the love of my life we were together for almost4yrs i even raised her daughter as if she was my own but on new yrs eve 2008 she left me for some guy named jeff. now all my life i wanted nothing more than to be a father but now in  FEW MONTHS ILL BE 24 no g/f no daughter or son in sight im all alone wasting what lil time i have left on earth wishing i cold find some one like youppl who care and understand that all i want is a family of my ownso i can give my kids the life i never had

jessiethelastenergydrainer jessiethelastenergydrainer
22-25, M
3 Responses Apr 21, 2009

you want to give love to a woman and children. that love will find the right people for you. if you were talking about hating people i wouldn't have much hope for you. but you want to love people. and God will make sure it happens.

Don't see it as a wasted life. See it as life lessons. The right woman is out there for you and you will have that family you want. She was just not meant to be.

that sucks .. i'm sorry. the right gal is out there, keep looking.