OMG ... Come On!!!!

It's Friday night ....

I am by myself, sitting here ON the computer, drinking a beer and watching Dr fucktard Phil!!!! 

Come ON!!!! 

*sigh* my life - is OFFICIALLY over .....

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

UGH... I think I would definitely slash my wrists then. <br />
I hate soap operas .....

MizzBlue:<br />
<br />
It could be worse. You could be at home and sick in bed and FORCED to watch soap operas.

LMAO!! That is true ... If Dr Phil was actually killing me, I would not be able to write this .

I'm skeptical. If you were watching Dr. Phil kill you right now, then how could you write this?

LMAO!!! YES!!!! I would SO much rather be helping you than sitting here UGH!! I am going CRAZY:) <br />
You think you would miss it if I embezzled some of the refunds??? LOL