The World

My heart aches with the realization of things which I know, but cannot explain.


God is real.


He is. Why can’t other people see Him?

By Him all things were created, and by Him all things consist.

All things are held together by Him.


Through Him the world was made.

Not only the world though, but the entire universe. Think of the sun. The sun is just a tiny star of our galaxy… is just a tiny star compared to the other stars, but it is still amazingly huge! He caused all the stars to come into existence by simply breathing a command. This magnificent universe has unlimited galaxies that contain billions of stars….These stars are thousands of times bigger then the earth.


Our world is so delicate. It is positioned in the exact place that it is, in order for life to exist. If it were even slightly closer to the sun, life would have never been able to survive. If all of the elements in the world were not balanced as perfectly as they are, there would be no life.







No one would have the audacity to claim that a painting “just happened” into existence on it’s own.

Yet many claim to believe that the world, the most magnificent masterpiece, simply happened to come into being with no creator.


They say the galaxies, the universe, and the other realites yet to be seen have no reason to be here other then chance.


We are held together by the hand of God. He loves and cares about each one of us.

He knew about you even before time began.




You are worth far more then you know.



More then you’ll ever know.

You are special to no one on earth when compared to how much you matter to God.



I know, there are awful things about this life, and sadness, and pain.   I have been there.

There are miserable times that make us wonder if there is anything worth living for.

There are times so dark, it will cause us to doubt God.


But although there are things we don’t understand, we cannot give up hope for the future. Hope in God, and faith that He does have a plan and that it will make sense someday and that we will not be disappointed.


How do we know that we can trust God? How can we be certain that He will hold everything together?


He holds the world together. It is held together by the cross.


He holds the world, and He can hold your life….



And incase you think that your life is too insignificant to matter to Him, simply look at the structure of your body…look at laminin…the very “glue” that holds the human body together. It is a created part of God’s plan.


 This is what is looks like.....






God created it. He loves you enough to hold you together. He may not always change circumstances, He didn’t change them when He was on the cross, but He will always give you strength to keep going on…and on…and on…


If you surrender your life, and accept His gift to you -His gift of love



He will hold you together, throughout eternity,



and beyond the limits of time.


stormynightsky stormynightsky
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I know....he doesn't want to punish us though! <br />
No matter what people think.<br />
<br />
<br />
I mean, he died for us, I don't think someone can show greater love and forgiveness then that.

For me, the hardest part is that he wants or does punish us. I don't believe it at all, he only has love for us and he will never do anything to hurt us. Only us, owners of free will, are responsible for all the harm that falls upon us.

"there has to be something that makes me do that, might be said its my soul, and if that exsists then there could be something other than this life..."<br />
<br />
<br />
Exactly....what about so many things that exist, that can't be seen or proven?<br />
<br />
Just curious...what do you think is the hardest thing for you to accept about the God of the Bible?

i admire your belief.<br />
<br />
i dont beleive in god in the way the bible suggests,<br />
i do beleive in evolution, but since we dont know what was there before things started, maybe god created evolution?<br />
<br />
either way i do beleive there has to be something more than the eye sees (or am at least open to suggestion)<br />
the main thing that makes me think this is why people are nice and feel guilty... like why cant i do bad things to people, even people who probably deserve it, i cant help but be kind and nice. there has to be something that makes me do that, might be said its my soul, and if that exsists then there could be something other than this life...