Mediterranean Touch

The final between Holland v Spain could have gone either
way. These sides were equally matched and neither
had struck lucky, but Spain had a slight edge and
after a 90 mins and extra time....
GOAL  .. and thankfully we could leave our sitting-rooms
Spain had clinched the cup but it was a bittersweet moment
for the Dutch.
They had to summon up all the courage for that long walk,

to collect their medals and watch the winning side celebrate.
Nice to see the Spanish squad sensibly return to their birght
Neighbours Italy were delighted the cup had come closer to
home than they thought.
A first time for everything and Portugual wondered perhaps they could...

Ah, but that's another World Cup away if...but they can dream

jophene jophene
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

the boys from Brazil can they live up to the home crowd .....???<br />
practice and no excuses LV.<br />
what has happened to the golden boys maybe it's time<br />
for new winners...<br />
<br />
bad luck Holland and that long walk ....i'll play walk away from cast

I hope Brazil wins the next one,<br />
<br />
They need a lot of practice!

Even though I was pulling for the Netherlands, Spain did outplay them and deserved to win. But there's always 2014!