This song is one of my bilingual favorites. These girls are not American. Their producer had them pretend to be lesbians in the duration of their career. Their purpose was not to look kinky but to educate others that gay people have feelings too, even if we straight people don't practice being gay.

They are friends but they are not into girls. I have a lot of favorite Russian celebrities.

This particular song, I feel is quite powerful. I feel like it can pertain to anyone in a relationship that life frowns on: young love, willing legal adult and willing underage, interracial, etc.

I would say if Disney made a movie about Romeo And Juliet, Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin, etc., they could so totally use this as an anthem; but the Russian raps have some intense bad words that you can see in the English lyrics. So maybe if they muted the bad words or changed the bad words, it'd be okay for a Disney project since Disney does indeed do a great job with showing real life inspirational movies and storylines.

The English in this song is very good. You cannot tell English is not a familiar language to them. There are English versuses and choruses and Russian raps.

The song has a lot of anguish in it. They want to go somewhere where everyone will be loving and accepting. They don't want the pain anymore. One of them even in the song's script kills herself because of the anguish from not being able to live life with her love because of people around them frowning down on them.

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Feb 2, 2013